Tuesday, February 5, 2013

iPhone Pictures

Here is what Addison has been up to lately as documented by my iPhone camera...

Her "psss" (purse) goes with her almost everywhere these days!

Gotta keep an eye on those construction workers across the street...

She still loves to sit in a box...no matter the size!

She has found a dog that won't buck her off when she rides it like a pony.

She loves to wear her winter hat...even in the house...

and sunglasses too!
We've been able to spend a few nice afternoons outside recently
and she insisted that I put these goggles on her head...she kept them on for probably 30 minutes.
I think she heard the groundhog predicted an early spring so she's hopeful the ppol will be opening soon :)

She even modeled her friend Tucker's hat...while sporting the goggles. ha!

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