Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunny Sunday

We took advantage of the beautiful weather last Sunday and explored the Illinois River Watershed Partnership Sanctuary in 'downtown' Cave Springs. It was a nice little nature experience right it our own back backyard...or two minutes down the road to be exact.

Friday, January 29, 2016


So, last week some time as we were having dinner we realized Addison had never had pizza that was delivered to the house. I'll spare you the long conversation that lead us to this conclusion, but I'm pretty sure it didn't start with pizza and ended with her asking "how does pizza just come to the door?" - ha!

We decided Tuesday we would order pizza; Addison was excited all day. Turns out only Papa Johns even delivers to our Papa Johns it was. I ordered online and made sure to check with Addison on the order -- yup, I remembered to order a whole cheese pizza just for her!

The anticipation must have been killing her because as we waited nearly an hour for our pizza order, Addison fell asleep sitting up. I couldn't even wake her when the guy knocked on the door.

So I guess the mystery still remains, because all she knows is when dad got home and I woke her up, there was pizza on the table for dinner...maybe next time?!