Thursday, November 20, 2014

Asher: 3 Months

Asher had his 3 month "birthday" on Tuesday, Nov. 18th.  And despite being a relatively smiley baby, he wasn't having it with this photo shoot and refused to crack even the smallest smile.  It may or may not have had something to do with the fact that his sister was crying and carrying on in the background because I wouldn't sit to get my haircut by her at that very second...sigh...oh well, it's all just part of the memory!?

Asher is a sweet little thing and rolls with the craziness that comes with having a 3 year old sister.  He still LOVES Addison and smiles at her constantly.  He always has big smiles for daddy when he comes home from work too, which daddy loves. He has rolled over from his tummy his back multiple times (I even got it on video, bonus!) He is a great sleeper and has slept through the night many times although crazy mommy has started getting him up again to squeeze in one more feeding in hopes of plumping him up a bit. He is on a pretty good schedule, waking by 7 and feeding every 2.5 to 3 hours.  He gets his bath at 7:30 or 8 and then feeds once before before going to bed. I do one last feeding while he sleeps right before I go to bed at 10 or 10:30 and recently I have also been feeding him while he sleeps around 3am.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Baby!

Do you like how I just jumped back on the blogging bandwagon and acted like I never left...ha!
Hopefully now that I'm caught up I can keep it going and do more real-time posting.
I'll leave you with just some smiley pictures of my littlest love!


Addison has a doll house in her bedroom that she LOVES playing with.  There are 5 dolls -- a dad, a mom, a big sister and twin babies.  Addison hasn't really jumped on the naming bandwagon.  Most of her dolls are just "baby" or "dolly" and stuffed animals are just "monkey" or "polar bear" nothing creative.
John asked Addison what the names of each of the figures in the doll house were...her response...
The Dad: John
The Mom: Mara
The Big Sister: Addison
Twin #1: Boy Asher
Twin #2: Girl Asher
Ha -- very original! 
I'm sure one day she will be giving everything super crazy names, some day...

Fall Fun!

With freezing temps and the possibility of winter weather in our future, we got outside this past Sunday (Nov 9) and enjoyed maybe the last nice day we will see for awhile.
In the sun it was beautiful, in the shade it was a little cool.  The cookie monster fleece suit was probably a little bit of over kill on Mr. Asher but he won't be able to fit into it much longer and I really wanted to get him in least once.  It was one of the super cute hand-me-downs from Cousin Henry.

Halloween 2014

 While we were still recovering from the big birthday/baptism weekend and our pre and post event house guests...Halloween kinda snuck up on me.  Decorations were minimal, yummy sweet treats were few and far between, we didn't make our annual trip to the pumpkin patch or even manage to buy a big pumpkin much less carve one.
Luckily, Addison (like every other girl under the age of 8) wanted nothing more than to be Elsa for Halloween.  And we already had an Elsa dress, bonus!  But of course we had to make her little brother her little sidekick.
Addison had a little party at school on Thursday the 30th and she was very excited that Mommy and Olaf came to the party. 
Three of the four girls at the party were, surprise, surprise -- ELSA!
Asher sported Halloween onesies most of the week...he is such a happy baby -- most of the time!

This ghost onesie is one that Addison also wore and I designed when I worked in Product Development at Walmart.

Friday the 31st a cold front rolled in and it was a very chilly day for trick or treating.  We started off the afternoon by dropping Addison off at work with John to do a little trick or treating there.  She wasn't too sure about it all and they lasted about 15 minutes and she said "Trick or Treat" exactly ZERO times.  So we did a little practice trick or treating around the house before I sent her and dad back out into the neighborhood after dinner...ha!  Olaf and I stayed in and handed out candy.


Family Fun

We packed a lot of fun into a short few days while my family was here visiting.  I'd be remiss if I didn't share some of the candid photos taken throughout the weekend.
Asher met his 3 aunties, Uncle Gaga, Cousin Claire, Cousin Avery, Grandma Diane and Bill for the first time.

We did A LOT of jumping in the bounce house!

We had several dance parties on "the stage"...Elsa and Anna even made several appearances.

We attempted to get some cute Halloween photos of the cousins (minus Sir Henry of course)

Gaga is still everyone's favorite and tested the VERY cold pool water with the girls.

And precious Avery just rolled with all the craziness and was such a good girl on her first trip to Arkansas!

Mimi was nice enough to bring make-up for Addison and Claire!?  She did time the surprise nicely with bath time though, so I guess I can't be too mad at her - ha!  The girls LOVED it!  They would have applied and reapplied all night if we would have let them.