Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter 2016

We started our Easter festivities the Sunday before Easter and we let Addison dye eggs while Asher took a nap. She had so much fun make each egg the perfect color. Once they all dried she covered those perfectly dyed eggs with a hundred stickers each and then you couldn't even see what color they were...ha! She had fun though and that's all that matters.

Later in the week Addison and I used Asher's nap time yet again to get some sugar cookies decorated for our Easter brunch. I will be honest and say I have been a little sad to see Addison's naps go away but she is actually a pretty good helper if I assign her a little project.

Saturday the 26th we all went to an egg hunt in Papa Doc's neighborhood. The weather was AMAZING... and since the forecast for Easter looked a little less than desirable, we soaked in all the sun and outside Easter fun we could get on Saturday.

Easter Sunday started early for Ms Addison and I as we went to the early mass at church. Asher's performance the previous weekend at Palm Sunday mass bought him a free pass from Easter mass. I just could bare to bring him and since I knew one of us would be outside in the back with him anyways, I figured John might as well just stay home with him.

We came home from mass and John had the ham on the smoker and the breakfast casseroles in the oven, we were on the fast track to having a wonderful Easter brunch with family and friends. The kids were even able to open their baskets and hunt a few eggs (inside due to weather) before all the guests arrived.

Easter brunch was a success and everyone left full. And we spent the rest of Sunday in PJs watching basketball and playing with our new umbrellas and Ken doll and all the other fun things the Easter Bunny left us.