Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Addison's fever broke mid-day on Saturday so all was not lost for the holiday weekend.

- Patriotic outfit and walk with baby doll and all the accessories...check.
- Icecream cone on the patio...check.
- Family boat ride...check.
- Lots of fun in the pool...check!

Friday, May 24, 2013

No FUN Friday

Addison woke up with a little fever this morning...so we've stayed pretty close to home today.  And she has rocked a diaper and undershirt most of the day too.  The necklace was an afternoon addition and a sign she might be feeling better and needing to accessorize.

But a little later even a package of fruit snacks couldn't make her happy...poor girl, she really isn't feeling herself.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Just a bunch of pictures documenting Addison's cuteness over the last several weeks.

First ice cream cone of the season at Mimi's

Taking a break from playing to re-hydrate

Picking the M&Ms out of Daddy's trail mix

Enjoying some mac & cheese

Playing with water on the driveway

"Silly Face"

Breakfast at Chickfila

Dinner entertainment...


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We finally dug ourselves out of the mud and Addison was able to enjoy the pool.  The water was too cold to say John enjoyed himself but he was a good dad and played along.
Addison LOVES jumping off the side.  She counts..."1...1...1" and then jumps in.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Call the doctor...

Our pool is sick!
We had a pretty bad rain storm on Thursday night and our backyard was flooded -- with mud!  The lot next to us is under construction and they graded the lot and brought in a half dozen truck loads of dirt in Wednesday...so the massive downpour on Thursday just sent everything our way.
John is literally shoveling 2 inches of mud off the patio and pool deck.  And the pool looks more like a swimming hole or pond...
And its going to be 80+ degrees everyday this coming week.  So much for enjoying the backyard...at least for this week anyways.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

19 Month Update


Developments this month...
  • She is a tape recorder and will repeat back to you most anything you ask her to. 
  • She has started putting words together and saying simple phrases (daddy working, mommy's shoes, walk around, hold you -- which means pick me up, thanks cousin Claire!)
  • She has 14 teeth...15 and 16 are just days away from breaking thru.  Thankfully teething has never really bothered her.
  • Elmo is still her favorite and she enjoys watching Sesame Street.
  • She can find Elmo just about anywhere now while we are out running errands -- books, toys, cracker boxes, balloons, you name it she can spot it.  Going to Walmart is a whole new adventure now!?
  • She LOVES being outside and playing with her toys, blowing bubbles and taking Emily for walks.
  • She collects rocks every chance she gets! She has affectionately named them all 'Rocko'...something I believe she picked up from Sesame Street.
  • She counts...sort of -- "1...1...1"  Although she can say 2 it never makes it in.
  • She sings her ABCs...sort of -- "A...D...D...D...D...D...A...D...D" And I ask what about LMNOP and she says..."emilnop....A....D....D...D" :)
  • She loves taking her shoes off and singing "This Little Piggie" which really ends up being "weeweewee, all the way home"
  • She is still pretty shy around people she doesn't know but is a character around us!  Laughing at us and with us.  I'm pretty sure she started mocking the way I say "No, No, No" to her and repeats it with inflection in her voice.
We love our baby girl and I can't believe she is now closer to 2 than 1!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Saturday morning marked a momentous occasion for the Malaney Family...the baby graduated from college! 

It was a beautiful weekend in Ann Arbor, we couldn't have asked for anything better.  We were at the Big House bright and early and had wonderful seats in the 12th row.


After a breakfast of blue/gold sprinkled donuts and soft pretzels from the concession stand, we listened to the CEO of Twitter (and UofM alum) give the commencement address and then headed back to Mallory's house for a little lunch and party with her roommates.

Then...we were off to graduation ceremony #2!  Both babies did soooo good all day, but once Mallory walked across the stage we b-lined for the door and waited outside while the girls ran around.

The proud parents...4 girls, 4 Big Ten graduations!

Airport Fun

Addison and I spent some quality time in airports over the last week as we traveled to Michigan and back...but we made the best of it and found toys and activities to keep us busy while waiting for our flights.

You can't go wrong with a giant checkers set and cheese crackers while waiting for our first flight in Arkansas...

And our rather lengthy layover in Chicago on the way home was eased by the airport playground.  Addison was a huge fan of the cockpit and was calling 'daddy' to tell him we were coming home soon.