Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sibling LOVE

Instead of posting about Addison's birthday like I should...I'm just going to share this precious picture of my littles.  Notice the "Addison Hair" - sigh.

Monday, October 6, 2014


Addison and I ran some errands over the weekend while the boys took naps at home.  We were driving and coming up on the mall and Addsion points and yells from the backseat...

"Mommy, I see your favorite store!  The one with the circle with the dot in it..."

Why yes Addison you are right, Target is off in the distance?!?!  Ha!

Friday, October 3, 2014


Daddy has done a fantastic job taking care of and entertaining TWO kids! 

Little Brother

Little Brother has been busy growing the last 6 weeks. 
Going home from the hospital...he is wearing the same outfit that Addison and my sisters and I wore home from the hospital.
Just relaxing in the sun, he was a little jaundice so he spent most naps in the sun the first week home.
Snuggling with dad and trying to stay warm at a doctor's appointment.
One of my favorite pictures from the first week or so.
How did those hands get out of the swaddle?!
Supporting the Hogs for the first game of the season...
We only had a 6M onesie so he is swimming in it!
So peaceful!
It is exhausting being this cute!
Hello big guy!
First Bath!
Woo Pig Sooie...we got some Razorback clothes that fit!
All dressed up and no place to go
He LOVES Mr. Fan -- just like his Big Sister.
Best Little Brother EVER
Boys can hang out in pink bouncie seats too!
Bathtime cutie!
First attempt at a nap in his crib, it lasted about an hour.

Big Sister

Big Sister has been busy the last 6 weeks. 
This is just random commentary on the pictures off my phone.

First Day of School 2014/2015
August 19, 2014
Mimi got Addison all ready for the first day of school and even snapped some first day pics while Mom and Dad  were still at the hospital with Asher.
Addison loved visiting her new Baby Brother at the hospital.
Addison was spoiled by her Mimi and Peep while they were in town.
Addison would rush to Asher's side if he cried.
Princess Elsa has made almost daily appearances since she got the dress.
Princess Elsa finally decided she wanted to hold Asher by took awhile.
She sure loves her little brother...
My two cuties!
You are probably thinking, man Mara needs to put a comb to that hair!?  Well, let me tell you that she has affectionately named this hair-style "Addison Hair" and thinks she looks pretty darn good.  So I am not allowed to do anything to it and its exactly how she wants it -- sigh.  You will be able to go to a salon near you this winter and request "Addison Hair" -- I think its going to catch on :)
We took a family walk at Crystal Bridges and of course these two had to be silly.
I'd be lying if I said she wasn't logging some serious iPad time while I'm nursing Asher.
Princess Elsa and her crown...seriously daily!
She even sleeps with her Elsa doll...oh yeah and all that toothpaste still on her face -- NICE!?
She has been a BIG helper around the house, there isn't a project she won't assist with.
This trip to Lowe's was to fix the back patio.
Rough night's sleep!
So proud of her castle!