Thursday, September 26, 2013


Seems we've hit a couple of road blocks here lately...

First, I took down Addison's old bouncy chair when our friends came over so that Baby Sloan could have a place to chill while we chased the toddlers around.  Seems Addison is mighty fond of her old digs and I find her in all the time now.  One evening she sat in it for 30 minutes while her dinner sat on the table getting cold.  Not only does she enjoy lounging in it, she prefers to be buckled into it which can't feel good on her legs seeing she is way too big for the harness.

Second, now that we have several weeks of MMO under our belt Addison has decided she would like to cry at drop off!?  WHAT!?  Not the first week, not the second week but the third and fourth weeks...sigh...I think she must think she is a baby after all that time she has spent in the bouncy seat at home :)

I'm not too worried, I'm confident like most things these two bumps in the road will pass too!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Addison had her first homework assignment for MMO this week.  They sent home a brown lunch bag and we had to collect 5 things to help them learn more about her.  After much debate (well, only with myself because Addison didn't seem to care too much) we settle on the following...

1) I love my mommy and daddy!
2) I am CRAZY about Elmo
3) I enjoy watching sports, especially baseball and football
4) I swim like a fish and love being in the pool
5) I like to color

Thursday, September 12, 2013

23 Month Update

Developments this month...
  • She is a regular chatter box now around us, still shy in front of strangers but then again almost always does her rendition of Happy Birthday while cruising through Walmart....favorites phrases this month -- "Hog Soogie" / "Bless You" / "Excuse Me" /  "All Better"
  • She has 16 teeth
  • She is wearing a size 4 diaper
  • She is wearing mostly 24M and 2T clothing
  • Her favorite books...'Tubby Time'
  • She can count to 6
  • She sings her ABCs and has made good progress this month...I got her on video saying "ABCD...LMNOP...QRSTU...WX...Z" - her little voice gets softer and softer the farther she goes into the alphabet
  • She is STILL well on her way to being potty trained, no major set-backs but no major break-thrus either.  She is wearing big girl pants all day long (except at MMO) and wears diapers at nap and at night.  She only has the very rare accident, mostly when she is outside having too much fun to remember not to tinkle in her panties.
  • She has been on a puzzle kick here recently and has beyond mastered the ones we have, I think she is doing them with her eyes shut now :)
  • She also loves a good tent (thanks Peep)...our kitchen chairs have found new homes in the family room with blankets over them
  • She started Mother's Morning Out this month and her 23 Month 'Birthday' marked her second timing going and she seems to really enjoy herself...I can't get her to talk to me about what they do but apparently she likes it?! :)
  • She is now a blond!  Ha.  Her hair has gotten so light this summer from the sun.
  • She has mastered the art of swimming with floaties and now likes to 'swim by self'...I'll have to admit it does make pool-time a little more enjoyable/relaxing knowing she has the extra safety of floaties.
  • She likes to pretend she is animals from time to time now; butterfly, frog and rabbit are typically her animals of choice.
Someone asked me last week how old she was and I was a little taken back when I could say "She will be 2 next month" -- WHERE DID THE YEAR GO!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mom's Morning Out

Wednesday, September 4th marked a big day for us in the Dougherty House.  Addison went to her first day of Mom's Morning Out.  This is the first time Addison has been away from Mom and Dad and not with a member of our extended family.  Hard to believe this is a first and she is approaching the 2 year mark, but we are so lucky to have wonderful family that will drop everything to babysit our baby girl.

So now every Wednesday she gets to go play and learn for 3 hours and Mommy gets to go a play and do important adult stuff sans toddler.  Everyone's first question, what did you do while she was answer -- GROCERY SHOP!  I know exciting stuff but being able to slowly walk up and down the aisles at Walmart and not have to worry about what she is grabbing off the shelf or running out of fruit snacks to keep her quite while shopping was very enjoyable.  I also went to the post office, picked-up a baby gift, donated some clothes and checked the clock about 1,000 times to see if it was time to pick her up yet :)

Of course, I captured a few first day photos. 

This is the best I could do to get a picture of her in front of her cubby.  She was very excited she got to take her 'packie' (aka back pack) and I had to do some real convincing to get her to take it off and hang it up.

When it was time to go into the classroom she was actually the first one to walk through the door...totally not what I expected from my shy little girl.  But she did and walked right over to the kitchen and doll area where she played when we met the teacher the first time.  I snapped this pic quickly before I ran out of the room without saying good bye to her. 

We don't know our friends at MMO that well yet,
so I blurred faces.

Seems the no good bye didn't phase her because at pick-up she saw me through the window and stayed seated on the circle rug until it was time to leave. All in all -- first day was great for Addison and Mom! :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tulsa Zoo

John took a vacation day on Tuesday, so he got a nice 4 day weekend and we got an extra day with our Daddy.  We packed up and headed over to Tulsa to the zoo.  I wish we had a zoo closer -- we do have the drive-thru safari, but I'm talking about a real zoo here people.  Anyways...

The zoo opened at 9am and we pulled into the parking lot at...drum roll please, 9:00 on the dot!  It was the start to a perfect day.  Addison wore her big girl panties all day and didn't have an accident while we were in Tulsa...thank you pint-sized potty in the back of the Trail Blazer!  I think we were like one of 20 groups at the zoo that morning, it was so nice to let Addison just run around and do her thing.  She had a wonderful time! 

Only thing we wished we would have seen was a 'z-ba' they didn't have any.  And her favorite part of the day...the train ride at the end -- of course, not the elephant or the giraffe...the train!

She sat down and posed and said cheese...
So we took her picture.

After the zoo we headed across town to eat at Weber's Root Beer pick!  I remember eating at the Root Beer Stand in Michigan City when I was a kid -- frosty mugs of root beer and the little tray they hang off your window with the food on it.  Well, this wasn't exactly the same but the root beer sure was good!  The burgers and fresh cut fries were pretty good too. 
The root beer stand just happened to be around the corner from a Whole Foods Grocery Store, coincidence -- I think not! :)  So we made a quick stop there before we made our way back home. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day = Lake Day

We got an early start on our Labor Day and headed to the boat first thing.  Mornings seemed to the best time for us to get out there and the plus side to that is we are about ready to head in when everyone else is heading out for the day.  So we get a nice calm and quite morning on the water.

Addison went tubing...well not really but we brought the tube out with us and she floated on it with Daddy.

This is Addison's preferred vantage point when the boat is moving.  She likes to be above the wind-shield, wind in her face -- silly girl!  Look at the wind blowing through all that hair :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Woo Pig Sooie

Woo Pig Sooie...its football time again!

With it being Labor Day weekend and the kick-off of college football season, we threw a poolside 'tailgate' for the Hogs game on Saturday afternoon.  With a high around 96 on Saturday, I'm not sure I would have 'tailgated' any other way.  We invited some family and friends to join in the festivities and had a wonderful afternoon by the pool and in front of the TV.

First, my little cheese-ball...she is becoming such a little ham in front of the camera.

I didn't get any pictures of the pool fun, there was a lot of splashing going on :) But it was so nice to have the TV close by and one missed any of the action! 

And of course some Hog cookies to complete the 'tailgate' experience!

And the Hogs won!  Too bad I can't say the same for my Boilermakers...