Monday, February 23, 2015

New Years Rock'n Eve

We had a wild and crazy New Years Eve!?
Addison made chocolate chip cookies...
We wore our festive party hats...
And we rang in the New Year at 8:30 thanks to the King Julian countdown on Netflix
Good Bye 2014...
Hello 2015!

Family Fun

When we make the trek to Michigan we make sure to pack as much family fun in as possible.
Sadly, I was not as good about documenting this trip with my camera as I typically am.  I blame the kids or the lack of sleep or the sickies that seemed to spread like wildfire....regardless I regrettably have only a handful of pictures to document the all fun that we had while in Michigan.
Avery was very excited to say HI to Asher...she was all about touching him and looking at his face.
Auntie Abbey getting in some squeezes while she can.
 We took the kids to Breton Village to see the Train and since Santa wasn't there we hijacked his chair for some photos of the kids.



4 Generations

The Doughertys & The Gormans

Christmas 2015

Although it wasn't the white Christmas we had imagined when we decided on making the journey to Michigan, it was wonderful spending Christams with the Malaney side of the family.  We went to early mass on Christmas Eve and then most of our extended family on my dad's side came back over to my mom and dad's for the "Malaney Food Challenge." The theme this year was sliders, so as our entry we (and in this case we means John) made "Moink Ball" sliders. Moink = moo and oink so it was a meatball wrapped in bacon that John smoked ahead of time and covered in a apple jelly bbq sauce.  Words really can't do these things justice...they are addicting.
Of course Mimi had lots of surprises for the kiddos but Addison was in rare form.  After LOTS of tears we finally got it out of her that she didn't like all the people at "her" Mimi's house.  We left for church and she was ruling the place and we got back and it was full of people and kids who also felt like it was "their" Mimi's house. So it goes...we attempted to still enjoy ourselves while dragging one kid around on our ankle and another one that still wasn't 100% himself.
This is a PERFECT representation of our family on Christmas Eve!
Avery and Asher were the first to rise on Christmas morning, luckily they were content chasing their toes until the rest of the troops woke up. 

Christmas morning Addison ruled the roost again, so she was happy.  The Gorman's were a little under the weather still so they stayed home, so it truly was the Addison Dougherty Show...I think she opened every single present under the tree, she helped everyone! 

Too much fun...had to take a nap!

Showing off her new necklace.

Taking her new dog for a walk amongst all the wrapping paper.

Addison - Official 2014 Gift Opener

Aunite Mallory got all the kids fish...
Addison Fish and Asher Fish made the long trip all the way back to Arkansas
Sadly, only Asher Fish is still with us.
Took the Tonka truck for a test drive.
We had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas Day!