Saturday, January 25, 2014


In an effort to capture some of the funny, outrageous, and/or not age appropriate things that Miss Addison is saying these days...I'm going to start writing down these 'giggle' moments here.

Last Sunday night Addison got a hold of John's iPhone and promptly zoned out and started watching cartoons.  We gave her a 2 minute warning and then a 30 second warning and John took the phone away.  To say she got upset would be an understatement, she went CRAZY!  You would have thought we told her we were taking all of her toys away or something.  John decided she needed to be put into a time-out, a decision I fully supported but one that we don't use often so she only has a vague idea what it is.  Anyways, it didn't really phase her and the tears were flowing as hard as they were the second John took away the phone.  So being the nice mother I am, I decided I need to save her and we needed to move past this...and it went a little something like this...

Mom: "Addison, when you are done crying you can go take a bath."

Addison: "No, I have a couple more cries"

Mom:  Holding back the laughter -- "Oh really, just a couple more...well it's bathtime, let's go!"

Oh Addison...she really does have it rough!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Apple Pie x 2

While my parents were here, I attempted to make one of my dad's favorites -- apple pie.  It was my first real attempt at making it and my mom really just helped with the recipe, that isn't really a recipe and that isn't really written down -- ha!  My attempt was valiant, but I did mess-up the crust a everyone still ate it, but it didn't taste like my grandma's.
We were lucky enough to be gifted Apple TV for Christmas and John set it up a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as he got it all connected he pulled up some of Addison's cartoons she watches on the iPad on the big TV.  Now when I tell her she has watched enough TV and we need to turn if off, she brings me the Apple TV remote and asks me to turn on the "apple pie" so she can watch her shows...ha!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mimi & Peep

Mimi and Peep were in town last weekend to spoil Addison.  We picked them up from the airport right at lunchtime on Friday and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and evening at the house.  I tried out a few new recipes and we roasted a chicken and had warm bread salad and apple pie for dinner.
Saturday, the girls ran a few errands and did girl things while John and my dad stayed at the house and did manly/fix-it things.  We put Addison down for a nap and John and I enjoyed an afternoon out by ourselves.  We test drove cars that we can't times! :)  We ended the day watching Finding Nemo with Addison.
Sunday was a beautiful day so we made sure to spend some time outside...60+ degrees was like summer compared to what Mimi and Peep had left in Michigan.  It was a bit windy but we enjoyed a nice walk around Crystal Bridges Museum.  And we made Peep some cookies...Addison was a HUGE help as usual and showed Mimi how she likes to mix things -- I'm still finding oatmeal in corners in the kitchen.
Monday morning came to fast and it was time to say good-bye but not before Addison managed to get them to do a few more puzzles with them :)
Hair-cut time...I'm not sure I'd trust anyone with hair like Addison's :)
Finding Nemo
Yummy cookies...Addison taste-tested and approved
Pre-bedtime fun...don't ask why she has a helmet on
Sword fighting with Peep, I think the helmet actually came handy here
Puzzles with Mimi and Peep

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Woo Pig Sooie

We took our super-fan to see one more Razorback basketball game before SEC Conference games started.
Highlight of her evening (maybe her week or month) was she caught a t-shirt that the cheerleaders were throwing out.  And she actually really caught it too!  There was a big guy standing in front of us and he did most of the work, but after he kind of batted it down, it bounced off John's hand right into Addison's arms.  She was so proud of her XL t-shirt and held on tight to it like a blanket for the rest of the game.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rock'in New Year's Eve

We celebrated NYE big time last night at the Dougherty House...or something like that?!?

John braved the temps and grilled us some yummy steak for dinner and then we all sat down as a family and watched Finding Nemo.  I'm happy to report that Addison actually watched about 90% of the movie.  The constant stream of snacks probably helped...popcorn and cookies and icecream. :)

A wonderful way to ring in the new year!!!