Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swimming in Beaver Lake

Even though Addison has been out on the boat we had never actually let her swim in the lake before...until now!  Since it has been 100+ degrees here everyday since we've been home from MI and it looks like its going to continue, we went for an evening boat ride and swim.  Addison did great and loved swimming with her daddy and Grandpa Doc.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cousin Love

I'm so glad we got to spend two amazing weeks with my family in Michigan.  Even though we live 13 hours apart, I hope Claire and Addison continue to grow-up close. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012


We all walked up to the playground Saturday morning so the girls could play.  It was Addison's first time on a swing -- unless you count her Jenny Jump-Up which she likes to be pushed in like a swing :)

The girls were too cute...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Claire's Birthday - Part 2

We had a much smaller celebration for Claire on her actual birthday.  We feasted on mac and cheese (Claire's ultimate favorite meal) and we went for cupcakes instead of a big cake this time -- I think she enjoyed it. 

The girls kept themselves VERY busy playing with all of Claire's new toys...the big hit of the evening was the water table from CeCe (Ryan's mom) that they set-up inside.


Smocked Dresses

When we were little my Grandma always made us the most beautiful smocked dresses.  Addison already wore one of them on Easter.  We thought it would be great to get a picture of both girls in dresses with Great Grandma. 

Claire is wearing the dress Anne wore for her 1 year pictures...and we went to see Great Grandma on Claire's 1st birthday so it was extra special.

Addison is wearing the dress Abbey wore for her 1 year pictures, so cute!

I cherish these memories we are making with Great Grandma...even if the girls are too little to really appreciate it yet.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great Grandma Malaney

We made a quick visit to see Great Grandma Malaney today.  She doesn't remember or recognize much anymore but anytime we get to stop by and say HI is a blessing.  We talked about Lake Michigan and she said if we came back she'd help watch the babies but she could only help..she couldn't do it by herself anymore :)

I'm so glad Addison will at least have pictures with Great Grandma!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Claire's Birthday - Part 1

Claire's birthday party was a few days before her actual birthday so we got to celebrate with her twice.  Anne did a great job planning the party and Miss Claire is a lucky little lady with lots of family, friends and neighborhood kids that came to help her celebrate her first birthday. 

The house was decorated beautifully, the food was amazing and I was able to lend my talents and make Claire's cake.

We were able to get a couple of GREAT  keepsake photos.  It was the first time for Addison to meet Great Grandpa Malaney so we had to snap a special picture of that and then one with all of his great grandchildren.